Healthi's new search engine provides users with fewer, more precise results for faster tracking.

This means that you might benefit from searching more specific queries. So if you are looking for avocado toast, for example, try searching for "avocado toast" instead of "avocado" only.

The more specific you are, the better and more filtered results will be, saving you time and optimizing your experience. 

Simply start a food search by tapping the + sign by any meal marker on your Dashboard main screen or going to the big [+] sign at the bottom of your tracker and going to FOOD.

Search for a food in the bar at the top and it will bring up results: 

1. Recent Foods: If you have any recently tracked foods, they will show up at the top of your search, under "Recent Foods"

2. Search Results: This is where your search results will show. The more specific you are, the better your results. 


You can now filter your search results. This can be done by selecting ALL or BRANDED FOODS AND RESTAURANTS next to "Filter" under the search bar. 

3. ALL: Using the "All" filter will give you all search results for your food search.

4. BRANDED FOODS AND RESTAURANTS: Using this filter will give you specific brand name items and restaurants/restaurant food items.