Favorites are like a bookmark list. You can find these by tapping on the [+] at the bottom of your tracker, tap FOOD, then under the search bar, you'll see the FAVORITES tab next to results. 

You can add any food item here for quick reference. The ★ icon is the key (green arrow)

To ADD a food item to your Favorites - just tap the in the top right corner of any food or recipe.

To TRACK a Favorite - go into that food item individually or select multiple items to track by long pressing on an item, tap each item you’d like to track, and tap the check mark at the bottom. 

To REMOVE something from your Favorites only -

  • Tap on the food entry from your FAVORITES list and tap the ★ icon in the top right corner to deselect and it will be removed from your favorites.
  • Or, to remove multiple items from your FAVORITES list, long press on an entry from your FAVORITES tab to bring up multi-select, select the items you wish to remove, and tap the gold ★ at the bottom to remove. 

If you wish to DELETE the entry entirely - go over to MY FOOD and you will have a delete option.