To access the Brands tab- tap the big plus (+) at the bottom of your tracker, tap food, then slide over the tabs at the top until you see Brands. 

Tap SEE ALL to open each section. 

RESTAURANTS - Find your favorite restaurants items listed here. Hundreds of restaurants, thousands of items - this exclusive PRO feature is sure to save you time and BITES.

SNACKS - Separate by categories like chips, candy, chocolate, cookies, drinks, jerky and nuts. These can also be filtered by the number of BITES you want.

BEERS - Domestic and imported beers listed. 


Tap SEE MORE to open the entire restaurant list and then you can:

  • Scroll through the list to see what looks good
  • SEARCH in the search bar at the top for a specific restaurant
  • Use the A-Z ruler down the side and select the letter of where you want to start

Once you have found your restaurant, you have several options for how to find the best food options.


You can search for any particular food item by name after tapping on your restaurant. 


Want to only see Appetizers or Salads? Just choose the category to sort by. Want to see Applebee’s CHICKEN dishes? Just select that category. To view all the categories - slide the row of tabs to the left. 


You can now sort items by their BITES, CALORIES, OR NET CARBS. Tap first tab under the search bar, by the word "filter" to open the Filter Menu (See green arrow). Select the minimum and maximum number of BITES/CALORIES/NET CARBS you want to be displayed and tap SAVE. (Clear will reset the values)

Once you have selected the BITES/CALORIES/NET CARBS number, you can then select a category as well if you'd like. So if you wanted to filter for SEAFOOD with between 0-20 BITES, you find the category along the top row of tab buttons and select as many as applies to what you want to search. You can also search the entire listing for items that meet the filtered BITES/CALORIES/NET CARBS. 

Here, you can see the filtered results using BITES, Seafood, and Side Salads.


Tap SEE MORE to open the snacks section.

The SNACK guide works the same way. You can search for a particular item or use one of the categories to narrow down your choices. 

Maybe instead of searching for a particular type of chip - like DORITOS -  you want to compare all the chips. 

Simply select CHIPS from the category listings and scroll through the results to find the best match for the amount of BITES/CALORIES/NET CARBS you are willing to spend.

You can also filter by BITES/CALORIES/NET CARBS here by tapping the first tab beside the filter (it will say BITES, CALORIES, or NET CARBS) to open the Filter Menu.


Tap SEE MORE to open the Beer guide.

The BEER guide works similarly. Since it is all beer at the moment there are no categories, however you can search by name (like SAM ADAMS) and filter by the number of BITES/CALORIES/NET CARBS.