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Calorie Command is a very straight forward plan. There are no special rules, no food group restrictions, no rounding, no magic math - a food just is what it is. Pasta is roughly 200 calories/cup. A large egg is 70 calories. Fish, lean beef, pork, chicken are all very similar by weight. Calorie Command gives great flexibility in meal choices because you're not being penalized for one choice over another.

Most major restaurants have at least calorie information for their menus and with the upcoming legal requirement changes to calorie publication, you will always have access to this information so it doesn't matter if you eat predominantly at home or on the go.

There is no cheating the system with calories: If it goes in your mouth, it counts. Just remember, everything has calories and this plan will only be as accurate as you are in tracking - so you need to weigh, measure and track it all.

And while all calories are not processed the same way in the body - 100 calories of broccoli is very different to 100 calories of donuts in terms of nutritional density and satiation - it is still a good marker of your day.

Followed as intended, this plan can be significantly helpful for:

  • Most anyone
  • Learning portion control
  • Adopting a balanced eating style of enjoying everything in moderation


Each day you have a daily recommended calorie target to use. This is calculated from your individual profile taking into account your age, gender, height, weight, and activity levels. You can adjust this target under the Fitness Goals section of your profile to best suit your needs. You can also earn extra ACTIVITY calories should you need them. In addition, you can track your Macros as a Secondary Metric (Protein/Fat/Carbs). This is one of the great PRO features available to members.

Foods will display calorie values, not BITES. This is not a BITES-based program. Eat within your calorie guideline each day, tracking everything down to your lettuce and tomato.


When thinking about your meals, a good rule of thumb is to have 1⁄2 meal come from healthy, non starchy vegetables as a salad or side, 1⁄4 meal in the form of whole grains, starchy vegetables or complex carbohydrates and 1⁄4 meal, a lean protein source.

One of the things many members enjoy about this plan is that you are free to choose from basically anything your family likes. If they prefer chicken thighs over breast, you can make it work. You want to have potatoes or rice with your steak? On this plan, it can easily be worked in. Nothing is off limits. You can still have your favorite foods by learning to choose them in moderation and make healthy ingredient swaps where you can.

While you can enjoy anything on this plan, that freedom does mean it is up to you to make better food choices and lifestyle changes. As nothing is restricted, you could technically eat all your calories in poor food choices and still be within your daily target.

This plan works well for people who may not need extra guidance with WHAT to eat but more with controlling portions and the serving sizes themselves and holding themselves accountable for everything. If you already eat well and just need a framework to establish boundaries and controls, this could be a great plan for you.