Think of this as a giant digital cookbook. This is a huge collection of over 500,000 recipes sourced from the US, UK, Australia/NZ predominantly. As such there are some recipes that have alternate ingredient names that you may not recognize like courgette = zucchini. If you aren't sure about something, Google is your best friend. But what a fantastic way to get ideas for your next meal plan.


There are several ways to get the results you want.

1.  Type any ingredient into the Search Bar. Want chicken recipes? Just type chicken and have fun. Want only chicken thigh recipes, search that way.

2.  Only want to see a certain type of Meal - Sides, Salads, Soups? Just tap the icon and it will filter for just those dishes. You can slide the menu left and right for more options.

3. Filter for more specific results. Tap FILTERS or any of the drop down menus and you can select from: 

  • Dish Type
  • Dietary Preference 
  • Allergy Restrictions 
  • Cuisine Type

The more filters you put on, the fewer results will be returned so if you aren’t seeing enough, try adjusting your choices.


This is currently in the beta stage which means we are working to further refine the experience for you. Because these recipes are pulled from various sources, they will need to be gone through and some will be removed, some will be corrected and we will go from there. But jump in and have a look around.

Most recipes are pointed by serving, but in some cases, the serving information only came through as 1 and so what you're seeing is a total for the entire recipe. Often if you go into the recipe, it will tell you that it serves 4, 6 or 8 and so you would just adjust for that.

Like Voice Tracking, which pulls from the database, these recipes do not consider 0 BITE ingredients. They are calculated on full nutritional data because the recipe has no way of knowing what is 0.

As these recipes are not editable, if it contains items that should be 0, you would need to put it through Recipe Builder to get an accurate total.

With such a large database of recipes, there may be some inaccuracies or odd information. We are constantly working on improving the recipe database and would welcome your help. If you encounter a recipe error, please take a screenshot and send it to our Head Coach Lisa at along with any additional information.