To access VOICE TRACKING, tap the microphone icon marked "VOICE" under the big [+] button or top right corner beside the barcode scanner.

You will be prompted to allow microphone access - you must say yes to use this feature.

You can then say - I had oatmeal, blueberries and a banana for breakfast today and the app will search for those items, list what it thinks are the closest matches and assign it to the correct date and meal.

You can then do 4 things:

1. Tap the food entry itself to edit things like serving size.

2. Replace the default result with one from your own list (tap Replace).

3. Remove the result (tap Remove).

4. If it missed something or you want to add something from your specific listings, tap +ADD MORE to continue.

5. When you have everything you want - just hit TRACK and it will track it all.


Results are pulled from the database, not the Pocket Guide. [0] BITES foods will NOT show as zero as it is pulling from that database. You will need to mark the food as [0] yourself by tapping the food and flipping the 0 BITE switch. (Be sure you are using the right list for your plan. Eggs, chicken, beans, yogurt etc are only 0 on Better Balance).

If the search missed something - use the +ADD MORE feature to choose from your own lists/results (ie favorites etc)

Because it is coming from the online database - the base results will not bring up any user entered food, favorites or recipes.

The results provided are a generalized, averaged result of common food items. Some name brands appear but not always. This means you may see a variance in what you think it should be in terms of BITES or Calories. This is not an error - it is simply giving you an averaged result. If you want highly specific tracking - simply take the step to EDIT the result to the food item you require. You can of course edit as much or as little as you choose to suit your needs.

You can be as specific as you like - gala apple and boneless skinless chicken breast both work for example. 

Quick Tip: it is easier to not include serving sizes in the search query... Instead of saying 3oz chicken - just say chicken. Then edit the amount like normal before tracking.