Meal plans are a fantastic way to quickly and easily plan and track your eating. They are a great tool for starting a weight loss journey - helping to keep you more focused, make shopping easier and make planning meals for your family a breeze. There are countless Meal Plans available including Healthi Official Meal Plans developed by our nutrition team, as well as Meal Plans created by other members. Remember, you can always create your own too. With such a breadth of offerings, you will find options to suit your lifestyle and we encourage you to build and share your plans with the Community - you never know who may be looking for a plan just like yours! 

Tap on the Recipes tab at the bottom of the app screen, then the Meal Plans icon in the top right screen of the Recipes home page.                     

Scroll through the featured plans or search for a specific type of plan. 


Tap on the Browse Meal Plans search bar and then any of the drop down menus. You can filter the meal plans you see by:

  • Weight Loss Plan 
  • Dietary Preference 
  • Allergy Restrictions

If there isn’t a matching meal plan to your criteria - you can create your own and be sure to mark it so others can find it.


MEALS - This displays all the meals assigned to the meal plan. Tap on the meal to review recipes and all items assigned to that meal. 

COMMENTS - First shows the meal plan description from the author, it also shows any comments or questions from other members about the meal plan. Comments allows you to correspond with the author and other members.

GROCERY LISTS - An automatically prepared Grocery List of all food items from the Meal Plan. The foods are conveniently organized by grocery section.


Tapping on a plan will let you view the recipes associated with it. Once you select a plan that you want to use, tap the BLUE (USE THIS PLAN) button at the bottom of the screen.

Select a date range for using the meal plan.

When you return to your tracking screen, the meal plan will be loaded at the top.

To track the meals, simply tap the recipe and it will automatically be tracked correctly.


You can edit or switch Meal Plans at any time by tapping on 'See Details' on your Meal Plan from your main tracking screen. Then when the Meal Plan opens, tap the '3 Dots' on the right.

This menu option will give you the ability to 'Stop Using This Plan' and 'Edit the Meal Plan'. You can stop using a Meal Plan at any time and choose another plan.

When editing a Meal Plan you are first given the option to edit the Start Date. On the second screen you can edit all recipes, foods and menu items listed in the Meal Plan.