Building a Meal Plan is easy. Pre-made Meal Plans from the Healthi nutrition team are built from our extensive Recipe Database. You can click on any recipe to look at the ingredients and instructions and view its full nutritional data.

But even more helpful is the ability to create your own Meal Plan. This can be built with your own recipes or by selecting recipes from the Healthi Recipe Database. 

Once built, your Meal Plans can be shared with the Community and help to build an amazing resource for Healthi members.


To start a meal plan, tap on the Recipes icon at the bottom of your screen. Tap on the Meal Plans icon near the top right. Tap the  '+' to the right of Search for Meal Plans. 


Take your time writing out the Description as this is what other Healthi Members will read to learn about your Meal Plan. Make it detailed and informative, include an overview of your Meal Plan, and adding some tips or tricks for how to best use your Meal Plan is always helpful.

Then add Categories as needed such as Dietary, Allergies and assign your Meal Plan to the Weight Loss Plan it is associated with.


Once you have created and named your Meal Plan, it's time to start adding foods and recipes. You can add recipes from the Recipe Database, individual foods or your own recipes.

To start adding a food, Tap the '+' sign on the meal you want to add. This will bring up 2 options for you to choose from:

ADD FOOD - Use this button to add any foods of recipes from your won personal collections. This will bring up your normal food search navigation screen giving you access to all your Favorites, Foods and Recipes.

ADD RECIPE - Use this button to search for and add any recipes from the Healthi Recipe Database which includes +500,000 recipes. See the Recipe Database section of the 'User Guide' for more information on using Recipes.

If you aren't sure what recipe you want to use - add them all, they will save here and allow you to decide which to keep for that meal. You can also remove any recipe by tapping the remove button at the bottom.

Lastly, you can add and remove days to your Meal Plan as you need. Once you have all your days set up the way you like, tap CREATE. 


Once you have created your meal plan, the Healthi App will auto prepare a couple of things for you. 

Firstly, it will calculate the daily BITE totals and nutritional information for each days meals.

Secondly, it will prepare the Grocery List from all the food items included in your Meal Plan and selected Recipes.

Your Meal Plan can now be searched for in the meal plan search bar at the top of the screen.

Once published, a number of key features are available to you and other Members using your Meal Plan.

1/ PROFILE - Tapping the username on a meal plan will take you to the Profile of the creator. This will show all the meal plans they have created, you will also be able to 'Follow' them in the Community.

2/ EDIT - Tapping the '3 Dots' will open a menu allowing you to Edit the Meal Plan. If it is your Meal Plan, you will also be able to Delete the Meal Plan.

3/ SHARING - Tapping the share icon will allow give you 2 options:

- Share on Community: this allows you to share your Meal Plan in the Community section of the app

- Share on Social: options here include sharing between devices, emailing, messaging it to contacts and sharing on social media accounts