Zero BITES Tab

The Zero BITES Tab is used for searching and tracking your 0 BITE foods. This is the best place to find them. To find the Zero BITES Tab, you’ll want to open your food search.

Tap the big [+] at the bottom of your tracker. 

Tap on Food at the bottom left.

Tap on the Zero BITES tab above the search box.

You can also customize your main tracking button (Pro only feature) to have a Shortcut for the Zero BITES tab. To learn more about customizing your main tracking button, please tap HERE.

If you have Zero BITES as a Shortcut on your main tracking button, then tap on Zero BITES to take you to your Zero BITES tab.

When searching for a food in the Zero BITES Tab, be sure to use general terms with no brand names, types, preparations etc. Search exactly as it appears on your 0 BITE food list. Items in this list are true 0 BITE foods which means they are 0 BITES in any quantity (but remember that all 0 BITE foods still have calories).

The Zero BITES Tab will only appear for plans that have Zero BITE foods- Better Balance, Sugar Smart, Carb Conscious, and Conquer Cravings.

You can find your plan’s zero BITE food lists by tapping on your plan here:

Better Balance

Sugar Smart

Carb Conscious 

Conquer Cravings