Zero Bite Tab

The Zero Bite Tab is used for searching and tracking your 0 bite foods. This is the best place to find them. To find the Zero Bite Tab, you’ll want to open your food search.

Tap the big [+] at the bottom of your tracker. 

Tap on the Zero BITES Guide

When searching for a food in the Zero Bite Tab, be sure to use general terms with no brand names, types, preparations etc. Search exactly as it appears on your 0 bite food list. Items in this list are true 0 bite foods which means they are 0 bites in any quantity (but remember that all 0 bite foods still have calories).

The Zero Bites Tab will only appear for plans that have Zero Bite foods- Better Balance, Sugar Smart, Carb Conscious, and Conquer Cravings.

You can find your plan’s zero bite food lists by tapping on your plan here:

Better Balance

Sugar Smart

Carb Conscious 

Conquer Cravings