One of the major advantages of Healthi is the variety of weight loss plans you can choose from. You can lose weight no matter which plan you choose as long as you make sure to stay within the allowances of your plan. That being said, we recommend you choosing the food score value plan you are already the most familiar with to get started.

Here is a quick summary to help you better understand which one might be best for you:

  • Better Balance (formerly BITES Flex) is the newest food score system which builds on the proven Sugar Smart system, but gives you more flexibility by providing 200+ NEW zero bite foods, plus you can carry over up to 4 extra daily bites to use later in the week.

  • Sugar Smart (formerly BITES Smart) uses a food score system based on Calories, Sat. Fat, Sugar and Protein.

  • Carb Conscious (formerly BITES Plus) uses a food score system based on Protein, Carbs, Fat, & Fiber.

  • Conquer Cravings (formerly BITES Classic) is the old program that uses a food score system based on Calories, Fat, & Fiber.

  • Keeping Keto is focused on drastically reducing carbs and replacing them with fat in order to trigger a metabolic state known as ketosis.

  • Calorie Command is plain old calorie counting.

You may be thinking great, which one should I choose?

  • Better Balance is now very popular because it is compatible with the newest food score weight loss system and helps you focus on eating clean, whole foods. However, if you are prone to binge eating or have issues with portion control, you may be less successful on this plan since it's easy to overindulge on the 200+ zero bite foods and there are better plans to help keep yourself accountable. 

  • Sugar Smart is a good choice if you find yourself eating too many high sugar foods. Foods high in sugar are assigned more bites while fruits, vegetables and lean proteins are given low values to encourage healthy eating. It will help teach you which foods to reduce or avoid all together while helping you to reduce your reliance on high sugar foods.

  • Carb Conscious may be the right plan if you find yourself overeating carbs. Foods high in carbs are assigned more bites while healthy foods like those high in protein are assigned lower values. It's a great plan to help you adjust your eating habits to reduce your reliance on carbs.

  • Conquer Cravings will help you with portion control as bite values more closely align with the calories for each food and the number of zero bite foods is much more limited than other plans.

  • Keeping Keto requires a pretty extreme change in your eating habits and may not be for everyone. While there are many studies on the benefits of a Ketogenic diet, it requires you to drastically reduce "net carbs" (total carbs - fiber) which significantly increasing high fat foods. Read more about Keeping Keto on our blog.

  • Calorie Command is great for accountability since everything "counts". You are given a calorie goal based on your profile information and desired weekly weight loss goal. The general idea is to produce a calorie deficit each week equal to your weekly weight loss goal. The calories you burn from activities are added to your total and the foods you eat are subtracted.

Better Balance and Sugar Smart help control sugar because they cost you more BITES, while lean proteins are encouraged and cost you less. If you don't have a problem controlling sugar then Carb Conscious is a very balanced program despite its name. It is not a low carb plan, simply the first one to consider carbohydrate in the equation. Conquer Cravings and Calorie Command are going to be great options for portion control if the issue is more HOW MUCH to eat vs WHAT to eat. Each system will work to help you lose weight, so it is really just personal preference and what works best for you.