Introducing Streaks to the Healthi app!

Streaks are shown on the home tracking page, just under your daily BITE/Calorie/Net Carb count for the day. Each day you track something in the Healthi app, you earn a Streak. Streaks are there to provide encouragement to keep tracking every day.

You can track anything to earn a streak-- food, weight, health checks, or activity. Track for two days straight, you have a two-day streak. Track for seven days straight, you have a seven-day streak, and so on. If you miss a day of tracking, your Streak will end. Users cannot go back to a missed day and track something to get their streak back. You must track daily, on the day, to earn a Streak.

You can tap on your Streak to view your progress card. It will show information about your Streaks, like what your Streaks record is and what percentage of users have that same streak.

A red dot will appear on your Streaks number to show you have reached a milestone. Tap on your Streak, and a success card will appear. You can share both your success card, and progress card to the Healthi Community by tapping the "Share" button.

Don't want to see your Streaks? You can easily hide them by tapping the "eye" icon next to your streaks on the tracking page.